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Onsite Engineering


In an area inaccessible by truck, IWC constructed 2 hoppers to transfer valuable ore from the top portal to the crushing mill for processing.


This project involved transferring ore from inaccessible areas to the crushing and screening facility. 48-inch diameter steel pipe was used to build 2 sections of hoppers along the side of a mountain, for a total of 500 metres of pipe length. This project also involved the construction of 2 loading zones and 1 stockpile area, which were fortified with retaining walls.

Concrete thrust blocks were installed at intervals throughout the pipe, with each pipe welded in place and anchored to the rockface using cables to prevent side-to-side movement. 3 excavators were used to load the pipe, with 1 remote-operated bulldozer with a dual-winch system used to stabilize the pipe sections in place. An additional dozer was tethered to the remote-operated dozer to prevent any movement at the top of the cut. Approximately 50,000 cubic metres of material was moved to create the landing areas, and to access and install the pipe