Our Projects Lantzville Sanitary Sewer Phase III


District of Lantzville


Koers and Associates Engineering Ltd.


A critical, large-scale underground utility improvement to the District of Lantzville, this sanitary sewer upgrade includes the installation of over 6,000 linear metres of sanitary main line pipe and over 4,000 linear metres of service pipe, to connect to over 220 individual properties.


This municipal wastewater infrastructure project includes pipe ramming, directional drilling, installation, and connection of over 6,000 linear metres of 200mm and 150mm sanitary main line sewer pipe. An additional 4,000 linear metres of service piping will be installed to connect over 220 individual properties.

Major civil and infrastructure areas affected include railway crossings, highway casing crossings, road reinstatements, right-of-way easements, and numerous private backyard reconstructions from disturbance of pipe installation. In addition, the scope of work will require over 4,000 cubic metres of rock to be removed by hydraulic hammer.

Extensive, detailed, and complex in scale and scope, this sanitary sewer collection system will be a 10-month project, requiring IWC Excavation to have two crews working simultaneously to complete the project on schedule.

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