Our Projects Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Center (GNPCC) Frontage Works


Regional District of Nanaimo


Herold Engineering Ltd


Frontage works at 4600 Hammond Bay Road which included the removal of trees, clearing the existing vegetation, and demolition of the existing curb and sidewalk for the construction of 400 meters of a new 3 meter wide asphalt pathway, new curb & gutters, habitat fencing, street lighting, riparian area enhancements, and boulevard tree planting.


A significant portion of the work required under this contract was located within the riparian area of Walley Creek, which is a known fish-bearing stream thus requiring the adherence to a detailed Environmental Protection Plan. Allocating a knowledgeable crew, led by Rob Ripley, along with use of proper equipment, allowed IWC to complete this detailed work with minimal environmental impact to the surrounding areas. Additionally, in order to offset the removal of 47 trees and 38 shrubs, completion of this project included the planting and maintenance of 55 new trees and shrubs. IWC along with our trusted trade partners, were able to execute this project on time and on budget.