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Who We Are

IWC is a specialized civil and general contractor based out of Nanaimo, BC. With a team of 100+ employees and 50+ pieces of heavy equipment, maintained in our own maintenance facility, we can execute on small and large scale projects across the province.

Our Clients count on us to deliver where it counts. From remote projects, difficult timelines and technical scopes, IWC is a contractor that leads the industry with results.

Our people are what make us special and allow us to get results that count. We are proud of what we do and are motivated by leading with a culture of excellence and safety.

Built by entrepreneurs, and driven by a culture of quality and teamwork, IWC is positioned to execute on challenging and remote projects across British Columbia.

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We believe in a new type of construction. A company that delivers with speed, agility, quality and safety. We believe in strong relationships both with our partners and our employees. We believe that with strong communication, experience and training, a company can deliver on both quality and speed. We love a challenge and we love to deliver. 


Our job sites, equipment fleet and maintenance facility are meticulously maintained, reflecting the pride we take in our company and our work. IWC takes the time to make sure every aspect of our business measures up to the highest quality standards. If it’s not done right, it’s not done.


We work hard to ensure relationships are fostered with our clients, suppliers, partners and our staff. A culture of respect and transparency ensures our projects run smoothly and efficiently.


We can mobilize for a remote project quickly, and respond to changing project conditions just as fast. We anticipate all possible outcomes so we can pivot and keep the project on-track.


We believe in continuous self-improvement. Everyone on our team has an entrepreneurial spirit, and is continually challenging the status quo. This means we’ll find the best way to get the job done, everytime.

WHY IWC Excavation?

If you have a challenging, time-sensitive or complex project, IWC is the contractor that can deliver. We are built to deliver on quality, speed, and safety. Our client's count on us every day to get the hard work done the right way. We have the people, organization, and process to provide quality services in challenging environments.

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  • Owned & Maintained Equipment Fleet (50+)
  • COR & SAFE Certified
  • Experienced Management and Field Teams (100+)
  • Remote Work Specialist (Mining, Resources, Civil)
  • Local Staff, National Capacity