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Construction of concrete pads and structure for two new wind turbines on Entrance Island. IWC was hired to coordinate, build and manage the structural base construction of the project.


Based just outside of Nanaimo, Entrance Island is a remote location accessible only by Boat or Helicopter. IWC was hired to build out the structure and concrete base for two windmills on the island. Concrete was flown in from Berry Point on Gabriola Island. The total fly time between two locations was 10 minutes with a total flight time of around 6 hours. Each load had 1/3 m3 of concrete for a total volume of 16m3. Working with West Coast Helicopters, IWC was able to execute the challenging project on time, on budget and safely. This project was a great example of how IWC is able to operate with excellence in challenging and remote projects.

WATCH //  Helicopter Windmill Construction

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