Our Projects Metral Drive Demolition & Site Prep


Marwest Properties


Herold Engineering


IWC was hired to complete the demolition of the existing building for Marwest Properties. Following the demolition IWC completed the footing excavation, backfill and site servicing including water, sanitary and storm.


IWC provided a variety of services for this project. Selective areas of the building were taken down. Working with the engineering team IWC removed portions of the building to maintain the integrity of the building and reduce the amount of new vertical construction required. All material that could be salvaged was crushed and recycled on-site and used for material in the site prep. IWC also completed all the necessary servicing including underground utilities such as water sanitary and storm. The total time on site for the project was around 3 Months. IWC was able to provide an end-to-end approach that was efficient, environmentally sensitive and economical.