What Services Does a Full-Scale Excavation Contractor Provide?

The large-scale excavation and civil, infrastructure, and industrial construction sectors are being monitored closely throughout this pandemic. To keep critical infrastructure and essential industries operational, governing bodies and regulators are mandating higher standards in health, safety, and contamination. With supply chains and access to parts and materials also affected, this increases timelines and budgets, in an industry that is already increasing in project complexity and scope.

We’ve prepared an overview of the services a full-scale excavation contractor is expected to provide, while accounting for increased regulation in health, safety, and environmental impact:

  1. Excavation
  2. Civil & Infrastructure
  3. Underground Utilities
  4. Mining
  5. Special Projects

In this overview, we summarize the type of work involved in these services, and explain how IWC Excavation has positioned itself as a full-scale excavation contractor.

1. Excavation

A solid foundation is required for any residential, commercial, or industrial construction project to begin. Whether you need to clear the site before excavation work can begin, or you’re ready to break new ground, an experienced excavation contractor is one of the first trades on site.

IWC Excavation - Full-Scale Excavation Services for residential commercial or industrial projects

Beginning with careful planning and preparation, IWC Excavation is able to schedule and mobilize a wide range of equipment and a skilled workforce quickly. We assess every project for health, safety and environmental impact, working with general contractors, municipalities, and government institutions to ensure the project is completed on time and according to spec.

Examples of some excavation projects we’ve completed include:

A brief summary of the scope of work involved in these excavation projects include:

  • Site Preparation & Demolition
  • Light & Heavy Earthworks/Groundworks
  • Backfilling & Grading

2. Civil & Infrastructure

From bridges and highways, to parking lots and sidewalks, the development of civil and infrastructure construction is required to stimulate economic growth. As municipalities make commitments to the public about opening dates, the urgency to complete projects on time and safely is critical.

IWC Excavation - Full-Scale Civil and Infrastructure Services include road building and bridge construction

IWC Excavation has experience building public infrastructure in major city centres and remote rural areas. This includes liaising with governing bodies and local authorities, while ensuring the projects move along according to schedule.

Examples of some civil and infrastructure projects we’ve completed include:

A brief summary of the scope of work involved in these civil and infrastructure projects include:

  • Road Building & Bridge Construction
  • Parking Lots & Sidewalks
  • Slab Prep & Retaining Walls
  • Sub Base & Base Gravels

3. Underground Utilities

Underground utilities are essential to maintaining a high standard of living in any community. Wastewater management and sewer systems are critical to sanitation, while electricity and telecommunications connect us with the energy we rely on to run our daily lives.

IWC Excavation - Full-Scale Underground Utilities Services include storm sanitary sewers and waterworks

IWC Excavation has a proven track record in large-scale underground utility installation and maintenance, including sewer, watermain, hydro, and telecommunications projects. Our capabilities range from installing new culverts in environmentally sensitive areas, to maintaining and upgrading complex watermain systems under existing residential roads.

Examples of some underground utility projects we’ve completed include:

A brief summary of the scope of work involved in these underground utility projects include:

  • Storm & Sanitary Sewers
  • Waterworks & Irrigation Systems
  • Hydro Electricity & Natural Gas
  • Street Lighting & Traffic Signals
  • Telecommunications & Cables

4. Mining

Modern mining is responsible for the cement required to construct roads, the steel required to manufacture automobiles, and the minerals required to operate cell phones. Situated in remote, environmentally sensitive areas, mine excavation relies on skilled workers to operate heavy machinery, to the highest quality standards while keeping safety top-of-mind.

IWC Excavation - Full-Scale Mining Services include earthworks crushing screening material handling

As a proud mining partner, IWC Excavation offers turnkey solutions to support multiple phases of a mine’s operation, including reclamation. This includes facilitating 24/7 shifts to build out critical mine infrastructures, as well as assisting with the crushing and screening, as well as the handling and transport of minerals and aggregate.

An example of a full-service mining project we’ve completed:

A brief summary of the scope of work involved in our mining projects include:

  • Earthworks, Road Building & Overburden Removal
  • Mine & Tailings Pond Construction
  • Crushing & Screening
  • Material Handling & Transport
  • Impoundment & Reclamation

5. Special Projects

As excavation and construction projects increase in size and scope, the delivery of collaborative planning, detailed scheduling, and clear communication are key to success. Special and innovative projects are challenging in nature, and require the foresight to oversee the efficient management of labour, material, and equipment, to optimize jobsite productivity and safety.

IWC Excavation - Full-Scale Special Projects Services include forestry roads and heavy lifting operations

With over 100 experienced employees and a strong leadership team in place, IWC Excavation has the ability to plan, manage, and execute any specialty excavation or construction project. From helicopter concrete pours in remote locations, to campground construction in environmentally sensitive areas, we have the skills and experience to execute at the highest level in the most challenging elements.

Examples of some special projects we’ve completed include:

A brief summary of the scope of work involved in these special projects include:

  • Forestry Road & Trail Construction
  • Helicopter & Heavy Lifting Installations
  • Campground Construction & Habitat Remediation
  • Remote Design-Build & Construction

At IWC Excavation, our investment in our people, equipment, and safety, is what allows us to execute on so many full-scale Excavation, Civil & Infrastructure, Underground Utility, Mining Operation, and special projects. We pride ourselves in the standard of quality we deliver on, with a challenger mindset that pushes us to pursue new opportunities that stretch us to meet our full potential.

For more information on how IWC Excavation can meet your expectations as a full-scale Excavation Contractor for your upcoming construction project, or to answer any questions you may have based on the information we’ve provided above, please reach out to connect with us at any time.