IWC Excavation Supports Western Canada’s Energy Sector with Environmental Remediation and Reclamation Services

With the recent announcement of the Canadian Federal Government’s program launch for the clean-up of orphaned and inactive oil and gas wells throughout Western Canada, IWC Excavation is equipped to provide a wide range of environmental earth-moving and construction services, including soil remediation and reclamation.

Having already completed a wide range of large-scale, complex, and challenging earth-moving projects in some of the most remote areas of Western Canada, the IWC Excavation team brings experience and leadership to ensure all environmental projects are delivered safely, on schedule, and to a high standard of quality:

Safety and Environmentally Certified

When operating heavy machinery in remote locations with challenging terrain, safety and environmental practices cannot be compromised. As a COR Certified Contractor, IWC Excavation is able to assess and manage complex job sites for potential risks, and self-audit to continuously improve safety performance. This includes adhering to enhanced guidelines for health, sanitation, and distancing on a job site amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

IWC Excavation - Mine and Oil Well Soil Remediation and Land Reclamation Services

We are also SAFE Certified through the BC Forest Safety Council, which allows our team to work in forested terrain in a safe, organized, and environmentally compliant manner. This ensures IWC Excavation crews have the training, resources, and confidence to complete complicated jobs in remote areas, to the highest standards in the industry.

Full-Service Capacity

With a fleet of over 50 pieces of heavy machinery, all serviced and maintained in-house by certified technicians, IWC Excavation is able to accurately schedule an appropriate mix of equipment for any remote project site. This ensures every machine arrives on time, in peak operating condition.

IWC Excavation - Orphaned Oil Well Soil Remediation and Land Reclamation Services

And with a team of over 100 skilled employees, we’re able to mobilize multiple crews of trusted and dependable professionals to any job site. Having already worked on a wide range of industrial earth-moving projects in remote locations, the IWC Excavation team has experience working in all climatic conditions, following safe and productive processes.

Experienced Leadership Team

IWC Excavation’s technical, environmental, and field crews are all supported by an experienced and dedicated leadership team. From detailed project planning to environmental assessments, our leadership team accurately estimates productive work hours, schedules equipment arrivals, and coordinates all permits, documentation, and reporting requirements.

IWC Excavation - Remote and Environmental Earth Moving Contractor Services

Our leadership team is also responsible for our commitment to our culture of safety, following all regulations mandated by industry governing authorities. Combined with IWC Excavation’s challenger mentality and emphasis on continual improvement, our leadership style empowers our workers to efficiently plan and execute all remote projects safely, productively, and according to schedule.

Relevant Project Experience

Prior experience working on complex projects in remote, environmentally sensitive areas is critical to understanding the full scope of work involved in any earth-moving or soil remediation and reclamation activity.

IWC Excavation - Soil Remediation and Land Reclamation Services for Orphan Oil Wells

IWC Excavation has already completed archaeological testing, exploratory trench excavation, and contaminated soil disposal and impoundment services, which are common with oil and gas well remediation and reclamation projects.

Combined with extensive project experience building access roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructures in remote locations – near watersheds and other environmentally protected areas – the IWC Excavation team is equipped to fully support Western Canada’s energy sector with a full range of earth-moving services.

IWC Excavation Offers Orphan Oil Well Soil Remediation and Land Reclamation Services

Examples of some of the complex, remote, and environmentally sensitive earth-moving projects we’ve completed include:

  1. Myra Falls Mine Operations
  2. Ore Chute Construction
  3. Surf Grove Campground Construction
  4. Wind Turbine Construction Entrance Island
  5. Pacific Rim Bridge, Culvert, and Road Upgrade
  6. Pacific Rim Sanitary and Water Upgrade Phase III
  7. Protection Island Sanitary Upgrade
  8. Lost Shoe Water Supply Project Phase III
  9. Craig Creek Culvert Construction
  10. Snuneymuxw First Nations Community Center and Foreshore Protection

At IWC Excavation, our investment in our people, equipment, and safety, is what allows us to execute on so many complex earth-moving projects in remote and environmentally sensitive areas. We pride ourselves in the standard of quality we deliver, and look forward to supporting the remediation and reclamation of orphaned and inactive oil wells throughout BC and Alberta.

For more information on how IWC Excavation can meet your expectations as a remote and environmental earth-moving contractor for your upcoming land remediation or reclamation project, or to answer any questions you may have based on the information we’ve provided above, please reach out to connect with us at any time.