IWC Excavation Launches Indigenous Inclusion Program

As a civil contractor specializing in excavation, infrastructure, underground utilities, and mining operations across BC, the leadership team at IWC Excavation is committed to increasing Indigenous inclusion on every project we deliver in 2021 and beyond. This specialization in large-scale, complex, and challenging earth-moving projects bring opportunities to communities in some of the most remote areas of the province, and we are excited to launch our Indigenous Inclusion Program to ensure local Indigenous participation is maximized on all IWC Excavation projects.

Our comprehensive Indigenous Inclusion Program focuses on building positive relationships with Indigenous Communities across the province. Through regular communication and engagement efforts, we are committed to understand the capacity and interest levels of the communities we work in, to actively involve local Indigenous participation in every project. This will allow us to determine meaningful ways to participate, which may include employment, training, or subcontracting opportunities, with the goal of working together as partners on upcoming projects.

Kayla Bordignon Indigenous Affairs Representative at IWC Excavation
Kayla Bordignon, Indigenous Affairs Representative at IWC Excavation.

To help implement and manage our Indigenous Inclusion Program, we have recently brought on Kayla Bordignon to the IWC Excavation team as Indigenous Affairs Representative. Kayla brings over 10 years of experience in Communications and Engagement on major infrastructure projects throughout Western Canada, including Trans Mountain Expansion Project, LNG Canada, Southwest Calgary Ring Road and South Fraser Perimeter Road. She has spent the last 6 years working as an Indigenous Affairs Representative, writing and implementing Indigenous Inclusion Programs across BC, while building relationships with Indigenous Communities to maximize inclusion on a range of heavy construction projects.

As we begin our Indigenous Inclusion Program, we know that in order to build successful relationships with Indigenous Peoples today, we must take the time to learn about the past history, which is why are offering our core team Indigenous Corporate Training throughout January 2020. This training program focuses on sharing historical background information, understanding Indigenous Populations, and providing the tools and insights to work effectively with Indigenous Peoples.

We look forward to continuing our Indigenous Inclusion Program efforts, building relationships with local Indigenous Communities and working together to deliver beneficial, valuable, and exciting project work throughout 2021!