How To Select A Contractor For Your Mining Project

Mines are typically located in remote locations with challenging terrain. Schedules for production are absolute. Safety and environmental practices cannot be compromised. These are just a few factors that make mine site construction and operations challenging. You need a construction partner you can trust. Below are just a few questions your team should consider when looking for a construction partner for your next mining project. 

Do they own or lease their equipment fleet?

Mines are home to some of the construction industry’s largest heavy equipment. Having the right machines and skilled equipment operators are important, but owning most of the required fleet can also bring benefits. To maintain a tight construction schedule or sustain mining operations, you can’t afford downtime with your heavy machinery. A company that owns and maintains its own fleet of equipment knows how to care for each machine, and treats their equipment well. This means the equipment is in peak operating condition more frequently and for longer periods of time, this maximizes uptime and helps maintain construction schedules. 

Can they mobilize their team and equipment for a remote location?

Finding a trusted management team, skilled labour and the right fleet to dispatch remotely poses challenges. From crew and equipment transportation to work camps and scheduling. Everything must come together quickly and seamlessly for schedules to be maintained. Selecting a construction company that is experienced with remote work will ensure budgets and schedules are maintained. 

Do they have an excellent safety record?

Find out if the construction company has employees dedicated to safety and internal safety programs that are consistently updated. Make sure their standards and programs will extend to any subcontractors who might be working on site. The construction partner you hire should look to exceed regulatory safety standards, and the proof will be in their safety record. 

Do they have skilled, experienced, and dedicated employees? 

Having an experienced management team and key skilled equipment operators will ensure your project can start quickly and without interruption. Having to hire new employees to fill-out a project team isn’t unusual, but having a dedicated core project team helps ensure success.