How to Create a Challenger Mentality Workplace

What is a challenger mentality in construction? It’s innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, rethinking the status quo and continually looking for new opportunities that stretch us to meet our full potential. 

IWC is a company built by entrepreneurs. It’s a quality we look for when hiring, and contributes to the workplace excitement that keeps our employees around for the long term. There is no hierarchy of ideas in our company, we listen to employees at every level and encourage discussion and exploration of ideas. 

Why is this something we value? Because we care about bringing our clients the best in innovation – continually looking to bring more efficiency, cost savings and quality to our clients. It also helps our business grow the right way. We are always looking to provide new services, travel to new remote locations, and take on new construction challenges. 

Our challenger mentality is one of the reasons our clients come back to us again and again. We are dedicated to growing with our clients, traveling with them, and solving their challenges.