How IWC Excavation has Adapted to a ‘New Normal’

Even as we enter Phase 2 of BC’s pandemic plan, it is clear that enhanced guidelines for health, sanitation, and distancing on a construction site are going to remain in place indefinitely. Particularly as we approach the summer months – the busiest season for civil construction projects in remote areas throughout the province – we at IWC Excavation want to share how we are building on our strengths to deliver a higher standard of safety and efficiency on every job site.

We’ve prepared an overview of how we’re intentionally positioned to succeed through these challenging times, fulfilling projects from planning to completion:

  1. Culture of Safety
  2. Core Group of Skilled Employees
  3. Strong, Effective Leadership Mentality
  4. Investment in Technology
  5. Experience with Complex Projects

In this summary, we explain how our commitments to these areas have allowed us to complete an increasing amount and scope of complicated civil construction projects, in the most remote and challenging areas of BC.

1. Culture of Safety

From detailed project planning to job site assessments, our COR Certified safety processes ensure all our remote job sites are accountable to the highest safety standards in the industry.

The most important strength we are building upon is our commitment to safety. As a COR Certified Civil Contractor, IWCE is already managing and following a strict standard to health and safety with defined processes. Our approach to COVID-19 is that it’s another health and safety risk we need to mitigate and adapt to, which is a familiar and natural process for us on every job site.

We have always led with a culture of safety, investing in training and certification, and staying up to date on safety trends and changes to regulations. As a SAFE Certified Contractor, our remote teams are able to work in remote, forested areas of the province, in a safe and organized manner. Not only does this prevent job site incidents, it also ensures project timelines are maintained without delays or shutdowns.

2. Core Group of Skilled Employees

Our long-term employees are experienced at finding new solutions to changing circumstances, and are always watching out for each other’s safety on the job site.

At IWC Excavation, we have a team of over 100 skilled employees, who are experienced working with each other, as well as in coordination with other subcontractors and project stakeholders. Each team member shares the same values of on-site health and safety, and the same standards of quality, productivity, and efficiency.

And with a commitment to ongoing training and continual improvement in a respectful work environment, we’ve been able to retain a strong core team of trusted, dependable professionals, who are able to adapt to any challenge, in the most remote and complex job sites.

3. Strong, Effective Leadership Mentality

IWC Excavation has a strong effective leadership mentality to accomplish complex civil construction and excavation projects in remote areas of BC
With a strong leadership team in place, we’ve been able to challenge ourselves with increasingly larger, and more complex, earth-moving projects.

Success in any heavy civil construction project begins with the leadership team in place. Now more than ever, the importance of communication, structure, and vision are critical to optimize job site productivity and maintain project schedules. This is especially critical when project managing crews on remote job sites.

As a company built by entrepreneurs, IWC Excavation’s leadership team is guided by a challenger mentality. This means that Instead of viewing the COVID-19 challenges as setbacks, that we approach these challenges as new opportunities to stretch us to meet our full potential. This also ensures we’re always in a position to attract, retain, and further develop our core team of skilled employees.

4. Investment in Technology

IWC Excavation invests in remote construction software technology to do civil construction contracting work in rural areas of BC
Investment in construction software technology allows us to manage multiple civil construction projects in the more remote and challenging locations.

Since IWC Excavation started out in 2006, we’ve been continually investing in new technologies to keep our job sites safe and productive. Not only does this include our fleet of modern equipment, but this also extends to the software we use to improve our operational efficiency and communication between the field and the office.

Construction technology such as SiteMax Systems, as well as HeavyBid and HeavyJob, allow us to quickly and conveniently manage multiple projects at the same time. Especially for projects in remote locations, our field teams are able to submit daily reports, issue purchase orders, and manage safety compliance, all from their phone. This allows our leadership team to provide timely oversight, and keeps our clients updated on the progress while reducing unnecessary visits to the project site.

5. Experience with Complex Projects

IWC Excavation at Myra Falls Mine Operation performing Industrial Construction and Excavation in Comox Strathcona BC
Our experience working on complex job sites in remote locations allow us to efficiently assess safety and environmental risks, coordinate team and equipment availability, and meet deadlines for permits, documentation and reporting requirements.

One of the biggest ways we prove our ability to rise to any challenge, is through our experience working on complex projects in some of the most remote areas. This has developed our abilities in project management, safety assessment, and effective communication – all skill sets that are even more integral for success following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Recent examples of complex construction projects IWC Excavation has completed in remote areas include:

With familiarity working on civil projects in remote locations throughout BC, in all types of weather conditions and climates, we have the experience to confidently lead in any situation imaginable. We are proud of how well the IWC Excavation team has managed the dynamics of the COVID-19 crisis, and we look forward to taking on new challenges as we continue to develop and lead throughout this pandemic.

If you have a challenging civil construction project coming up in a remote area that you’d like to talk to us about, or if you’d like to learn more about any of the information we provided above, please reach out to connect with us at any time.